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COMING HOME (Live!) – Jonathan Harrison - Album – £4.99


Over 60 minutes entertainment (mostly recorded live) in the form of original unreleased Pop/Rock tracks with meaningful spiritual overtones for you to enjoy and digest - compiled for your entertainment, pleasure and reflection.


Includes the following:


Babe, Coming Home, How Many Lives (ext. version), Laughing in my Sleep, Moon Man, Pop Bimbo, Shape of your Mind, Sleeping with Jesus, The Song of Man, Starmaker , Sweet Music, The Way Life Is and Laser Love.


13 tracks in total, all words & music ©J.M.Harrison



Download mp3 complete album for just £4.99  


© Copyright 2015 J.M Harrison. All rights reserved.

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CLASSICAL SOUL – Jonathan Harrison - Album - £4.99


1 hour of intuited ‘classical’ music, poetry and chants.


The frequency of these words and ‘classical’ tone converge and penetrate deep into the recesses of the sub-conscious mind, promoting well-being and transformation.


Tracks include:


1. Cathar March

2. Explorer

3. Hill and Vale

4. Into the Light

5. Il est la dessous ~

6. Little Waltz

7. Man of Clay

8. Nos a Vobis ~

9. After Dinner

10.Inevitable Crescendo

11.Silent Voice

12.Babylon – a poem set to music

13.Handel it!

14.Si Cord Arta

15.Honi Ana Hay

16.Him for Them

17.March of the Water Buffalo

18.My Beloved – a poem

19.Piccolo Nato Stranti

20.Running Fox

21.Song of the Wind

22.Stream of Light

23.Sunrise to Rama

24.These Words – a poem set to music

25.This – a poem set to music

26.Soul Journey


~ Tracks 5 & 8 on this list arranged by Grammy Award Winner Richard Theisen

26 tracks in total, all words & music ©J.M.Harrison


Download mp3 complete album for just £4.99  



SPIRITONE ™ - Personalised intuited music Soul to Soul - £45.00




Upon request, I will intuit music exclusively for you. This unique method of creation is designed to heal and balance your entire being, as well as expanding your consciousness. The track on the left is a genuine example. Your theme is intuited and recorded live, before being layered with accompaniment. It is intended to provide you with what you need at this point in your journey.


The recorded material is exclusively yours for life, I simply ask that you do not use it commercially in any way, as it is for your private use and pleasure. Of course, by all means, you are welcome to share the music with your friends and family.


This powerful and profound musical technique was developed in 2003 at Arthur Findlay College, with the encouragement and support of one of Canada's foremost spiritual teachers, the Rev. Brian Robertson.


If you would like a SPIRITONE™ personal intuited music for you or a loved one, simply click on the box below and make your request by PayPal, leaving your email address. I will then contact you directly for some detail before creating a unique sound that will touch your heart and soul. The finished item is typically 2-3 minutes long, and is unique. Please click on example on the left and excuse the quality - and rest assured, your copy will be recorded and mastered to the highest quality.


Here's some of the feedback from people who received Spiritone:


“Thank you so much for helping me to remember who I am in a different but beautiful way.”


“From the first moment I heard the music it made me calm and filled me with love.”


“It was as if somebody reached out when I was in need, and sent me a powerful healing.”


“Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”


Request your unique SPIRITONE 'Soul Theme' - £45.00  

© Copyright 2015 J.M Harrison. All rights reserved.

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